Well. I have no idea why I never published this but I just noticed it and figured I would ! I wrote it on July 21, 2012. It’s short but I thought it was funny at the time!

Sara and Tank went to dinner and to see the Dark Knight Rises this evening. Jake and I watched Eva , she has been wanting Pappy to stay for a sleep over. I got her ready for bed, she brushed her teeth while I made them a bed on the living room floor.
Pappy fell asleep quickly but Eva complained of headache and earache starting so I gave her advil and put drops in her ear and put her in bed. After the kids got home I left.
Sara texted a little while ago and said ‘Dad’s on his way home!’ I texted back ‘F@$k I gotta get rid of these strippers!’ she texted back ‘OMG u r a nut!’