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Quote #1 for V7N Blog Challenge, Quotes

I have never understood why women never want to tell there age or they lie about it! I have never had a problem with this. Maybe it’s because I have had many health issues all my life and am thankful for every new year the Good Lord gives me! So I’m happy to tell my age!

I have never heard of a guy not telling their age when asked or not putting their birth year. So why do women? I feel we all begin to die a little everyday from the moment we are born. It’s just a matter of time! So why not live life to the fullest for the time we have and celebrate each and every year proudly! Don’t worry about your age..it doesn’t matter!

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter… Mark Twain

As we get older we start to realize other things are more important than our age, at least I feel we should! We can’t stop aging! Oh I know many have to cover it up and that’s everyone’s choice. Again not for me. I’m 55 I don’t want to look like my 26 year old daughter! I’m a grandmother I’m suppose to like older!

Age is an issue of mind over matter…