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I was challenged to write a blog about ‘Why I Love Mondays’. Well my answer is very short so I will make you wait to read it!

I would like to share this with you…

Monday morning comes and we tend to drag ourselves out of bed while groaning about how much we hate Mondays and then what do we do?

We immediately start counting down the days until Friday.

We all do it, but why?

Have we forgotten how very lucky we are?

Maybe it is all about our perspective.

Do we think about how many people would give most anything to have work to get up for today?

Have we considered those who didn’t have the joy of waking up this morning at all?

Maybe today we can look at it differently and think about how blessed we are to have this Monday.

I would like to challenge each of you to write a blog post about why you love Mondays. Make sure to stop back here to share the link with others.

by: Cricket Walker

I’ve never had a problem with Mondays! It’s just another day of the week to me! But then again I never had a Monday-Friday job! As a nurse your work weeks are crazy and we were lucky to have every 3rd weekend off but you had to do 10 day stretch to get that!

So back to the question “Why I Love Mondays”?

The reason I love Mondays is short and simple…my hubby is back to work for the week..hehehhe!