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Welcome to the first day of summer which came in HOT and HUMID! Which is taboo to me, I’m a lifelong asthmatic! So I will be spending as much of the day as possible inside in the AC!

I have to say summer is not a season I like. I do enjoy having a cooler evenings. Then at least I get to spend some time outside!

I love watching my granddaughter, Eva, catching lightening bugs (fireflies)! She loves those little things! She will fill her jar with them. Which grass and clover has been added. But before she goes in the house for the night she does open the lid so they can get out if they want! Often the next morning there are some still in the jar!

Eva's lightening bug,Jim

Eva’s Lightening Bug, Jim!

Eva took such good care of ‘Jim’ that every evening he brings his firefly family with him so Eva can catch them and spend some time with them!

Please enjoy your day..stay safe..stay cool..stay hydrated!