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Eva loves s'mores

Oh s’more!

Do you love s’mores? I love s’mores! I think my granddaughter, Eva, Really loves S’MORES!!!

S'more good!

Oh how I love my s’more!

It was just a s’mores kind of evening! We had a fire in the fire pit and decided to make those oh so good and yummy, sticky and messy, S’MORES!!!

S’mores are finger licking good!

You can’t eat just one, you always want ‘some more’ or the great shorter version s’more or smore!!!!!

Do you want a s’more?

Well how ever you say it or spell it I hope you enjoyed the few photos of my granddaughter enjoying her s’more!

No more s'more

No s’more for you!

That’s it..all gone! Good bye!