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Today was Memorial Day..started out the morning by going to the Parade with the hubby, granddaughter,daughter, her b/f! Took several pictures and placed an album on Facebook! We didn’t plan a picnic..heat and humidity was just to bad for me to be outside for any period of time.

My son his g/f and her son came up for awhile and then they left to attend a picnic and go swimming at his friend’s house. While they were gone we made Tacos..ground beef and also ground turkey..they were really good if I say so myself!

I ate the first one without incident. I went back for a second one, went to add extra hot sauce..you know the one in the store that has either Chinese or Japanese symbols around it with green lid..ok well it had been sitting out for about 20minutes with the lid closed! I turned the lid open and the pressure that built up made it spray….right into my eyes!!!!!!

I have never in my 55 years felt such immense pain!!!! I had to feel my way to the bathroom as I was screaming, my family came running! My eyes were swelling so quickly I was unable to open them but knew I had to get them rinsed out!

I started splashing cold water over my eyes, finally was able to pry the right one open..which had the most in..and splashed water directly into it which made pain worse! Then started to do the same with the left one! By this time I was so sickened, had a tremendous headache and pain was still so bad I had to let my body drop to the floor! I sat there holding a cold rag over my eyes!

At this time I was still unable to open them myself. My daughter’s b/f had ran to the computer to google the sauce and it said to rinse with cold water, milk to neutralize it and use ice! So he got cup milk and poured it in my eyes while I tried to hold them open..finally a little relief! I rinsed them again with cold water and laid with cool compresses on my eyes!

For a few hours it was difficult to see out of the right eye and it’s still a little blurry but getting better! Later I realized it had also burnt my face in a few spots!

So please if you use this sauce or I guess any Hot Sauce please take caution and open it with it tilted away from you and others if it has been sitting out of the fridge!

So how was your Memorial Day?