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COFFEE..who doesn’t love coffee..right? Oh I know there are many that don’t but maybe they should! Why you ask.. New studies show drinking coffee whether it be regular or DECAF (due to my meds I’m not allowed caffeine) can make you live longer!!!

On another note went to the high school again this evening to walk! I walked farther then I thought I would although I did have to stop a few times because my chest would tighten up on me!

I’ve been an Asthmatic all my life and been on disability for quite a while! Downfall besides the weather..cold, heat, and humidity effecting it my Asthma is also exercise induced so it makes it hard to do much!
Even though I’m proud of myself I hurt..LOL! Have throbbing in the lower back, the hips and the knees but hopefully it won’t take to long to get use to it!